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A new master joins a UK ship at an overseas port. The crew of non-UK officers and ratings are to join two days later. What should the master look for when they join, and what should be his priorities?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) The master should familiarize himself with the Safety Management System and the Ship Security Plan.

(2) He should check to see that all joining crew members have a Medical Fitness Certificate, and that it was issued by a country listed in MSN 1815. (3) He should check all crew training and competency certificates (all of which should be carried in original form), and check that appropriate certificates had been revalidated and endorsed as required.

(4) If all crew documentation is in order, he should ensure that all new crew receive familiarization training as per STCW 95. (5) He should then hold meetings with senior management personnel to discuss ship's operations (crew, security, machinery, voyage, cargo, etc. ). (6) He should discuss the voyage plan with the appropriate officer.


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