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Ullage. This is a measurement of space between the surface of liquid in a tank and the top of the tank inner surface.

USWC. An abbreviation signifying that the vessel proceeds to a port or ports on the United States West Coast.


U.S. Shipping Act 1984. In the United States in the late 19th century much legislation was passed to prevent the restraint of trade and to ensure “free competition”.

Unless used. This phrase refers to the counting of laytime against a charterer and the exceptions to laytime such as Sundays and holidays.

UCP 1983. Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (1983 Revision) of the International Chamber of Commerce; ICC Publication Number 400.

Unless sooner commenced. Laytime usually begins as specified in the voyage charterparty, either immediately Notice of Readiness is properly and correctly tendered and accepted or after an express period following the tendering and acceptance of the Notice of Readiness.

Underdeck tonnage. Space below the “tonnage deck”, above the double bottom tanks, open floors or ceilings and between inboard faces of frames or sparring and including protuberances such as shaft bossings, bulbous bows, and so on. (The “tonnage deck” is the second deck from above except in the case of single-decked vessels in which case it is the upper deck.)


Unitisation. To “unitise” cargo is to combine different goods or even different elements of the same goods, into one “group” or “unit” of a regular size.

Unseaworthiness. If the condition of a vessel is such that she is not reasonably fit in all respects to encounter the ordinary perils of the sea, either by insufficient maintenance and repairs, incomplete crew, insufficient equipment or wrong stowage of cargo, etc., she is referred to as being unseaworthy.

USEC. An abbreviation signifying that the vessel proceeds to a port or ports on the United States East Coast.

Unclean bill of lading. Under the UCP 1983, a “clean transport document is one which bears no superimposed clause or notation which expressly declares a defective condition of the goods and/or the packaging”.

U.S.G. United States Gulf. This is part of the Gulf of Mexico between North America and South America on the Eastern seaboard of the North American Continent. Geographically, the Gulf is not part of the U.S.A., yet the abbreviation refers to ports in the U.S.A., such as Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston and Houston , from which vessels are chartered.


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