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Timber Load Lines. Special timber load lines can be used only when a ship carrying a cargo of timber on deck complies with the Load Line Rules.

Trip charter. When a charterer wishes to employ a vessel for a voyage but does not wish to take the risk of having to pay demurrage, for example, he may charter the vessel on time-charter terms but specify the voyage and the expected duration of the voyage.

TPC. Tonnes per Centimetre Immersion.If the vessel is loading in salt water and the freeboard is checked it may be found that more cargo can be loaded to immerse the ship another few centimetres.

Tween deck. General cargo vessels may have one or more tweendecks (upper and lower) dividing the cargo compartments into lower hold and tween deck space. There may be more than one tween deck in older style general cargo ships and certain passenger ships.


Tanker chartering and Tanker clauses. Chartering of tankers, whether they are oil tankers, gas tankers, chemical tankers or other ships for liquid bulk cargoes, can be somewhat different from chartering ships for dry bulk cargoes and for other dry cargoes, but there may be certain similarities.

Total commission (TTL).  A percentage of the contracted amount of payments to a shipowner becomes payable to a broker or agent as income for his efforts in negotiating the contract (called "brokerage" or simply "commission").

Time charter. A time charterparty contains the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon between shipowners who have let and charterers who have hired a vessel for a stated period, e.g. one year, or she may be let on time charter for one or mire consecutive voyages between certain ports or ranges of ports.

Trading limits. This expression tends to apply only to time charters. When the Charterer hires the ship for a certain period, he would not normally be restricted in the geographical range within which he can order the ship to proceed except that the ports must be "safe ports".

Trimming. When certain bulk commodities are carried as cargoes on board vessels they have to be "trimmed" for safety and to maintain the ship's stability.

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